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Mother tongue education

LanguageOne is an English expression for mother tongue or first language (L1). The choice of an English name refers to our level of ambition and the international environment in which we operate. Our name tells you exactly what we do!

The language you learn in your childhood is often referred to as your ‘mother tongue’: your first language, identity language, heritage language or home language. We know clearly from research that this first language plays a unique role in linguistic and cognitive development, and is of continuing importance throughout childhood. Mother tongue education is a supplement to the regular curriculum of an international school.

Continuing to use and develop in the mother tongue has several benefits.

Benefits of mother tongue education

• helps the child value its culture and heritage, which contributes to a positive self-concept
• language proficiency is an important variable for school success
• strengthens the foundation for language learning in a broader sense
• allows for a smooth return to education in country of origin
• allows for better communication and a closer bond with family and friends in country of origin


“Mother tongue promotion in the school helps develop not only the mother tongue, but also children’s abilities in the majority school language”
Cummins, J. (2001). Bilingual children’s mother tongue: Why is it important for education. Sprogforum, 19, 15-20

Excellent quality

Every child is entitled to an excellent education. LanguageOne parents can count on a first-rate standard of programming and teaching in all our programmes. All our teachers are qualified in their home countries, and experienced in working with international students. We provide additional and on-going professional development to all our teachers, to ensure quality of programming and teaching across all language groups. All our local directors have experience in living and working abroad. Our staff have an excellent understanding of what families, and particularly children, encounter in moving to another country. The longest-running LanguageOne programme (Dutch) has had consistently good evaluations from the Dutch Ministry of Education and we intend to transfer all our accumulated knowledge and skills to ensure that all our language programmes reach this high standard.

The new LanguageOne curriculum

The LanguageOne curriculum takes its inspiration from the International Baccalaureate ®.Communication, collaboration and culture are the basis of our curriculum. Our new curriculum is complimentary to international curricula practiced in the day schools, and allows students to develop cross-disciplinary language skills in ways that are meaningful and connected to the worlds they live in. Our close cooperation with the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB), the National Centre of Expertise for curriculum development (SLO) and the Dutch Inspectorate of Education enables us to provide guarantees for high-quality education. It not only allows for a smooth return to the home country, but also provides a good transition to other Dutch Language and Culture schools.

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