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The LanguageOne schools in Europe, Middle and Far East, and Australia are supported professionally from our central office in Voorburg, the Netherlands. We have administrative responsibility, monitor operations and quality, and support our schools in human resources, marketing and communications, and financial management.

An Advisory Board takes a strategic look at the development of our organisation and gives advice in terms of content and from an economic and social perspective.

At our schools we have a team of 80 teachers working passionately to develop the childrens skills and knowledge, they are managed by a locationmanager.


LanguageOne provides and develops mother tongue education in the belief that it is vital for children to develop their mother tongue alongside the school language.


LanguageOne’s mission with regard to children and youngsters is to:

  • add to their knowledge
  • provide them with a cultural frame of reference
  • develop their talents
  • give them self-confidence
Head office LanguageOne Voorburg

Meet the LanguageOne team in Voorburg.

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