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The longest-running LanguageOne programme (Dutch) has had consistently good evaluations from the Dutch Ministry of Education. We intend to transfer all our accumulated knowledge and skills to ensure that all our language programs reach this high standard. With regard to our multiple language programmes, we are in close collaboration with international knowledge centres and universities specialized in language acquisition.

The Dutch Inspectorate of Education monitors the quality of education and encourages schools and institutions to improve this quality. All LanguageOne schools are accredited for the Dutch language programmes by the Inspectorate of Education. Our school locations are visited at least once every four years. The Inspectorate carries out quality research. The latest LanguageOne quality research reports can be found on the school location pages.

Education Inspectorate Response

“The Inspectorate concludes that the NTC-education of LanguageOne is of sufficient to excellent quality. In terms of teaching and learning, the supportive pedagogical approach and the high-quality organization of education stand out in a positive way. The course time is spent efficiently and students are well involved in the lessons. Quality care is good.”


If you have a complaint or are dissatisfied with our education or an employee, please contact the local director. If a suitable solution is not forthcoming, you may approach the management of LanguageOne in the Netherlands. In the event that the nature of the complaint does not allow mutual consultation or if the complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, you can appeal to our complaints procedure (in Dutch). The LanguageOne complaints procedure is largely based on the regulations of Stichting NOB of March 2006 and applies to all our school locations.

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