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The LanguageOne network

We join forces with leading local and international schools, (expat) associations, embassies and consulates, companies, and universities. By sharing knowledge, we build on our continued success. Along with our partners, we form an international education network and a unique knowledge centre for mother tongue education.

Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide

We work closely with the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide; a non-profit organisation commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to promote and support high standards of Dutch education for Dutch-speaking children around the world. The advice provided by NOB and joint development of educational concepts contributes greatly to maintaining and improving the quality level, and connection to, education in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Dutch Inspectorate of Education

All LanguageOne schools are accredited by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. LanguageOne meets the criteria set by the Education Inspectorate in the supervisory framework for Dutch language and culture education. LanguageOne received a positive assessment of the quality of its education.

Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation

The Foundation has eight secondary schools at six locations. The cooperation with our former parent organisation is characterized by a good flow of both students and employees of Rijnlands schools to LanguageOne schools and vice versa.

It was at the request of Shell that our former parent organisation (Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation) started preparations for a Dutch school in England. Since then, Shell and LanguageOne joined forces for the benefit of high-quality education in the cities where Shell and LanguageOne are located. Together, we have made a firm commitment to excellent school facilities for the children of Shell employees.

Together with Wereldschool LanguageOne is part of the IVIO group. Wereldschool provides home education to children aged 2 to 18: Dutch, complete courses, but also stand-alone subjects as mathematics and geography.  Students are guided by professional teachers and can follow each programme at their own pace.

The Hague International Centre 
Point of contact for internationals in The Hague, Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk. LanguageOne is one of the selected partners of The Hague International Centre.

Dutch International Schools
A group of schools that offer a variety of fitting international programmes in English within the Dutch educational programme. There is a good flow of primary and secondary students between the schools affiliated to Dutch International Schools and LanguageOne schools.

The National Centre of Expertise for curriculum development (SLO) is the Netherlands’ expert organisation in curriculum and curriculum development. In cooperation with SLO, LanguageOne has been leading the development of an NTC learning path and LanguageOne’s own curriculum.


Partner schools

We invest heavily in relationships with our partner schools, so that our educational system is optimised for, or integrated into, the daytime education that our students receive. At our 9 locations worldwide, we have been working with more than 25 partner schools.
With six schools, we enjoy a far-reaching collaboration which ensures that the NTC lessons are integrated into the daytime education of the partner schools, or that we work together on a range of native language academic programmes.

British School of Muscat
Compass International School Doha
GEMS World Academy Dubai
Shanghai Community International School
Innoventures Education
(Dubai International Academy – Collegiate American School)
German European School Singapore


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