Secondary education

Dutch language education of the future

The LanguageOne secondary education programme is a Dutch language course for years 1 through 4 at secondary schools. It has been developed especially for students growing up in an international environment or who have recently returned to the Netherlands or Belgium. The language programme has been designed to resonate and connect with the experiences of young people and is well-suited for integration into the curriculum of Dutch Language and Culture schools and international schools.

LanguageOne developed an innovative language programme, in which the Dutch reference levels for language and the Flemish attainment levels have been integrated with the principles of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). The course has been developed based on the International Baccalaureate® (IB) concept and is in compliance with both MYP standards and the NTC (Dutch Language and Culture) teaching guideline recently established by the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide.

Now available for NTC schools and international schools
The LanguageOne programme that is being deployed succesfully at the LanguageOne schools is also available for implementation at international schools and Dutch Language and Culture schools worldwide.

Classroom teaching, blended learning and online education
From January 2019, LanguageOne offers this programme via the digital learning platform Itslearning. The platform offers students a cutting-edge way to polish their Dutch-language skills in the classroom, from home or anywhere they like.

Structure of the LanguageOne programme
The course is intended for students in years 1 through 4 of secondary education (upper general secondary/pre-university) or international (IB) education. The programme consists of four eight-week units. Through these, students work in an investigative manner to improve their language skills. In years 3 and 4, students are specifically prepared for the IB Dutch A Diploma course (pre-IB).

Ready for use and tailored
The LanguageOne programme has a modular structure. It allows teachers to deploy the digital course material as they see fit. The programme has a student-centric structure and promotes students’ ability to work both individually and in groups. The course content is set up for students to work quite independently, which in turn allows teachers to focus their attention on supporting a single student or small group in need of assistance.

I think this is a fantastic tool for Dutch, it is very fun and you learn a lot. You can see everything that you need to do and the teachers can see what you have done so she/he can check it!” — Koen (grade 7)

Each year consists of four units of eight weeks. The units below are covered in grade 8.

Grade 8
Unit 1Your life is a bestseller
Unit 2Word versus Image
Unit 3Misleading claims in advertising
Unit 4To ask is to know

and tests
The developments of the student are monitored and evaluated based on assessments. In the course of each unit, two interim formative assessments and one end-of-term assessment, the summative assessment, will be administered. External tests are also taken. This allows good monitoring of how the student develops in relation to students at other schools.

Interested in the LanguageOne programme, but your school does not have Dutch-language teachers?
No problem! LanguageOne teachers are IB-qualified and have extensive experience with the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and guiding students in the Diploma Programme. Should you have Dutch-language teachers within your school, LanguagOne can offer an online teacher training to familiarize with the LanguageOne programme and the digital learning platform Itslearning.

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