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  • LanguageOne cooperates closely with local and international schools to provide high-quality mothertongue education. Our classes are richly varied in and are taught by qualified teachers who are experienced in language teaching. We provide language education abroad  at the following locations.

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    Abu Dhabi

    The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is in the Arabian Peninsula. It borders on the countries Saudi Arabia and Oman and the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. The city of Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We offer an extensive curriculum in Abu Dhabi consisting of Dutch, French and Spanish.

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    Distance learning

    Dutch education at LanguageOne Online, flexible solutions anywhere in the world

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    Doha, in Arabic: الدوحة, ad-Dōḥa or ad-Dawḥa, means ‘the big tree’. It is the capital and most populous city of Qatar. The city has about 800,000 residents and is situated on the Persian Gulf. In Doha we offer Dutch language and culture classes to your children.

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    Dubai is in the Middle East and is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates, located on the south coast of the Persian Gulf, border on Saudi Arabia and Oman. The area owes its wealth to oil. We offer an extensive language curriculum in several locations in Dubai.

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    Hong Kong

    The name Hong Kong is derived from the pronunciation Hēung Góng (香港) in the local Cantonese dialect, meaning ‘fragrant harbour’. Hong Kong consists of the island of the same name east of the Pearl River. Its strategic location makes the city one of the world’s most prosperous and cosmopolitan. LanguageOne offers Dutch language and culture classes at different levels in various locations in Hong Kong.

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    Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The city has almost 2,3 million inhabitants. Kuala Lumpur, popularly known as KL, is the diverse centre of South East Asia. Multicultural and modern, yet full of green parks, interesting sights and an impressive street food scene. LanguageOne offers Dutch language and culture classes at two locations in Kuala Lumpur.

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    Muscat, also Masqat, is the capital of Oman and offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Oman. On the city’s bay you can admire Al Alam Palace, the Sultan’s official residence, as well as the centuries-old Fort Al-Jalali and Fort Al-Mirani. LanguageOne offers Dutch language and culture classes for your children..

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    Perth is the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia. Situated on the Australian west coast where the Swan River empties into the Indian Ocean, Perth is in fact it a thriving metropolis with a large number of suburbs and municipalities. The city is counted among the world’s most liveable thanks to its location and layout. In Perth we offer Dutch language and culture courses for children as well as Dutch language courses for beginners to adults.

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    Shanghai (in Chinese: 上海; Pinyin: Shànghǎi) is China’s largest city. Since 2005, the municipality is one of five cities in China with the status of national central city. Shanghai is also the most populous municipality in the world and one of the world’s three largest metropolitan areas. In Shanghai and Suzhou, LanguageOne offers native-language instruction to Dutch-speaking students as well as Dutch for beginners.

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    Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia. It is distributed across as many as 63 islands between Malaysia and Indonesia. With over five million inhabitants, the city of Singapore covers most of the main island of the same name. It is actually a city state, as there are no other villages or towns other than the city of Singapore. In Singapore we offer Dutch language and culture classes to Dutch-speaking children. We also have a curriculum for children who are learning Dutch as a new language.

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