Dutch school in Davos
In Davos, Switzerland, LanguageOne is linked with the Dutch Asthma Centre Davos (NAD). Students with forms of asthma that are difficult to treat can literally catch their breath at Davos. Our educational method and the safe pedagogical environment bring back fun in learning. We offer your child a curriculum of 21 hours per week consisting of the core subjects Dutch, English, arithmetic and mathematics. Your child’s mentor has a supervising role, in which he/she seeks to increase your child’s motivation. As the classes are often mixed in terms of social structure and culture, our students also learn how to navigate these differences.

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LanguageOne Davos

Education at LanguageOne Davos
Learning 21st-century skills is central to our curriculum. We concentrate on important matters such as cooperation, using ICT and innovative thinking. Due to the medical history of students in Davos, they have often missed classes in the Netherlands, leading to study delays. This has caused many students to feel insecure or prevented them from enjoying the school experience. Marshalling 21st-century skills teaches them to work on their subjects independently, regaining self-confidence and remaining motivated to learn.


‘Here in Davos I am suffering much less from my asthma than I did in the Netherlands, and LanguageOne’s classes allow me to work on my future in terms of my education as well.’ 

Ghina, 18 years old.

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