Dutch Language and Culture in primary education – after-school

The LanguageOne Doha programme for Dutch-language students in primary education focuses on the language domains of reading, writing, spoken language skills and language usage. Our classes are richly varied in content and are taught by qualified teachers with experience in the Dutch education system and/or Dutch-language teaching abroad. By involving the issues of our time and the international environment in which your children are growing up, we encourage the children to tap into their own linguistic knowledge in order to develop their Dutch-language skills. We use various didactic methods to enhance motivation and the pleasure the children take in learning.

After day school, our students take 3 hours per week of themed classes, distributed across so-called units, at Compass International School Doha. A unit is a set of lessons about a specific theme that will be treated over the course of a number of weeks. Your children will carry out meaningful language and culture-related tasks in a way that resonates and connects with their world and that will facilitate a possible repatriation to the Netherlands or Flanders.

Our curriculum is supplementary to the activities at day school to help your children learn to read. By assigning tasks your children understand and find important, we also emphasise the importance of the Dutch language and Dutch culture. This leads our students to develop an intrinsic motivation to master all language domains.

In practice: Unit ‘Who we are’
Our students learn about the differences between people, where everyone is from and what they as human beings represent. In groups 3/4 the students create riddles and send these to their family by post. Students in groups 5/6 make a school paper in which they share the knowledge they have acquired about the human body. The students of groups 7/8 prepare a presentation about their own personality and try to find out more about each other through interviews.

More information
The school guide (in Dutch) contains detailed information about subjects such as intake and placement, assessment, parent involvement and quality.

Classes take place every Tuesday from 15:30-18:30 atCompass International School Doha, location Gharaffa.

Please contact monica.mansveld@languageone.org