Dutch Language and Culture classes for preschoolers – after-school

In classes for preschoolers at LanguageOne Hong Kong, we pay a lot of attention to enriching the children’s Dutch vocabulary, their spoken language abilities and emergent and early literacy. Your preschooler will use specific materials, we play games, sing songs and encourage the child’s active involvement.

Dutch education abroad

Our youngest students take 2.25 hours of themed classes per week at French International School, which are distributed across so-called units. A unit is a set of lessons about a specific theme that will be treated over the course of a number of weeks. We use various methods to enhance motivation and the pleasure the children take in learning. Along with his or her classmates, your preschooler will carry out meaningful language and culture-related tasks in a way that resonates and connects with their world and that provides a solid preparation for Dutch classes in primary education.

More information

The school guide (in Dutch) contains detailed information about subjects such as intake and placement, assessment, parent involvement and quality.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the school year 2018-2019 can be found in our General Terms & Conditions (in Dutch).


Classes for our preschoolers take place every Wednesday from 15:45 to 18:15 at the French International School.