Who benefits from Online Dutch education?
We offer online programmes; a perfect solution for Dutch-language students who live far from a LanguageOne school or have a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. Our curriculum is supplementary to the education your children receive at day school. By assigning tasks that match your children’s own experiences and environment, we bring out the importance of the Dutch language and Dutch culture. This leads to our students developing an intrinsic motivation to master all language domains.

LanguageOne Online provides education for Dutch-language students in the age from 7 till 18.

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LanguageOne Online

Learning Dutch online
We are experts in providing language education around the world. Our classes are taught by qualified teachers with experience in the Dutch education system and/or Dutch-language teaching abroad. They provide the lessons from various locations around the world. Our students live in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Engeland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.

“Driven by a passion for languages and having a number of Dutch colleagues, I decide to look for online Dutch courses. The experience at LanguageOne is very convenient and efficient, it is also an eye opener to Dutch culture. I’m enjoying it.”

Ahmed M. Elnawwam – Rotating Equipment / Mechanical Engineer

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