Dutch Language and Culture in primary education – private

The LanguageOne Perth programme for Dutch-language students in primary education focuses on the language domains of reading, writing, spoken language skills and language usage. The classes are offered privately and are fully tailored to the student’s level. Our classes are richly varied in content and are taught by qualified teachers with experience in the Dutch education system and/or Dutch-language teaching abroad. By involving the issues of our time and the international environment in which your children are growing up, we encourage the children to tap into their own linguistic knowledge in order to develop their Dutch-language skills. We use various methods to enhance motivation and the pleasure the children take in learning.

Our students take 1 or 1,5 hours per week of private classes before or after school, either at the student’s home, in the day school or at the Quintilian School. Group 3 use the method De Leessleutel, while groups 4 to 8 use Taal Actief.

Our curriculum is supplementary to the education your children receive at day school. By assigning tasks that match your children’s own experiences and environment, we bring out the importance of the Dutch language and Dutch culture. This leads to our students developing an intrinsic motivation to master all language domains.

More information

The school guide (in Dutch) contains detailed information about subjects such as intake and placement, assessment, parent involvement and quality.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the school year 2019 can be found in our General Terms & Conditions (in Dutch).