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Dutch for expat kids

Dutch for expats

You recently moved to the Netherlands with your family or perhaps you have been living here for a while already. LanguageOne is an expert in teaching internationally mobile children and has over 35 years of experience in Dutch language and culture education around the world.

We offer Dutch language courses to children aged 4 to 19 years old who speak little to no Dutch,  starting from beginners’ level. Our students usually learn Dutch as a foreign language in preparation for the Dutch school system. We provide children with meaningful language tasks and undertake fun activities in an interactive and playful manner, matching their prior experiences and current environment.

The course emphasises the communicative skills of speaking and listening. We work on assignments around daily tasks and activities that children in the Netherlands usually do. Using this approach increases your child’s vocabulary and language skills. We use various didactic methods to enhance motivation and the pleasure children take in learning. Throughout the courses we can test your child’s progress and respond to needs quickly. We use standardized testing methods Cito (SAT) and Diataal, which are commonly used in the Dutch school system. 


Flexible and tailored

Our approach is flexible:

  • Online via Skype 
  • Individual (1- 2 students) or small groups (3 – 5 students)
  • Classroom teaching*

Our students take 1 to 1,5  hours of classes per week. The (Skype) class is scheduled at the same time each week. During the (Skype) lesson the teacher provides instruction, discusses work, offers feedback and helps the student get started on their next assignments.

Native speaking IB®-trained Dutch language teachers assist your expat children with the basic Dutch language skills, building confidence for school and everyday activities. Our teachers have ample international experience and knowledge about the Dutch education system and Dutch education abroad.

*Start in January 2020 upon 6 or more applications

“Ik spreek Nederlands”

Language level
The Dutch language courses at LanguageOne will lead your child towards levels A0/A1 | A1/A2 of the CEFR Framework.

Tuition fees
The tuition fees for the school year 2019-2020 include an introductory discount of 15%, tuition by a qualified teacher and use of all necessary educational resources. Further details can be found in our General Terms & Conditions.

More information
Contact us for details and to arrange a free counseling session to assess your child’s language level. 


LanguageOne is affiliated with the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide.


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