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Each location can have other school fees which are listed in the general conditions of the LanguageOne location. School fees will be determined depending on, among other things, the age of your child, the time of entry and the lesson time.

Your son or daughter can be placed at any time, except for the exam year. You can make an appointment for a consultation with the location manager. We will discuss in which group your child will be placed. The start date will also be discussed in consultation with the location manager and the teacher.

Yes, you have. The location manager of the current location can contact the location manager of the next location. As agreed, you will apply for admission to the new location. You do not have to pay school fees again because you are already a client. The teachers will also contact each other so that your child can make a smooth transition the next group with the same lesson programme.

Of course. Please see for more information the restitution table in the general conditions. Periods and percentages are mentioned here. For instance, you are planning to leave in December. In this case, you will get a refund after a written confirmation from the location manager.

Yes, you can pay the school fee in three terms. All information about the amounts can be found in the general conditions of the LanguageOne location.

Yes, it is! You are very welcome for in-class lessons, online or blended learning (combination in-class and online). Are there more pupils who would like to follow group lessons where you are? That is also possible. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

LanguageOne is a school community that is affiliated with the ‘ Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland’ (Foundation Dutch Education Abroad).
On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and science, schools abroad are supported from the Netherlands through the educational content foundation. They will also be kept informed about Dutch educational developments and the affiliated schools are part of a large international network that meets annually for a further training in the Netherlands.

More than 40 years’ experience

We are an authority in the field of mother tongue and cultural education for children who live abroad.

The right level

Improving the Dutch language is important. In particular when a child returns to the Netherlands. We ensure that your child meets the language requirements which are necessary for entry in Dutch education.

Personal guidance and expertise

From local directors to teachers, we only work with certified teachers who give your child the necessary guidance.

Online and In-Class

Our pupils always have an international connection with the Dutch language and culture. Wherever you are, LanguageOne offers in-class as well as online courses.

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