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About LanguageOne

Are you and your family planning to move abroad soon? Or have you and your family already been living in another country than your homeland for some time, for instance as an expat? It is important to choose the right education for your child, even if you live abroad. English is often the spoken language at international schools, which means that the command of the Dutch language or mother tongue can be falling behind.

Are you looking for Dutch education for your child? LanguageOne is your partner worldwide. We provide Dutch Language and Cultural education to Dutch-speaking students aged 3 to 18 years.

More than 40 years’ experience

We are an authority in the field of mother tongue and cultural education for children who live abroad.

The right level

Improving the Dutch language is important. In particular when a child returns to the Netherlands. We ensure that your child meets the language requirements which are necessary for entry in Dutch education.

Personal guidance and expertise

From local directors to teachers, we only work with certified teachers who give your child the necessary guidance.

Online and In-Class

Our pupils always have an international connection with the Dutch language and culture. Wherever you are, LanguageOne offers in-class as well as online courses.

Our school programmes

Dutch education worldwide

IVIO-LanguageOne provides a unique and innovative education programme.
Our school locations are situated in:

Are you and your family living far away from a LanguageOne school? We can also provide distance learning (private or group lessons online) which can be combined with any daytime education.

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Our school programmes

LanguageOne provides Dutch language programmes (up to and including 18 years old). Our programmes are suitable for:

Other school subjects such as reading comprehension, mathematics and science can be followed by our education partner IVIO-Wereldschool.

It is possible to follow the International Baccalaureat* programme at LanguageOne, allowing pupils to choose for Dutch as an exam subject.

You can find more information about the various school curricula on our location page.

The organisation

Who we are

All LanguageOne school locations in Europe, the United States of America, the Middle and Far East, Asia and Australia are professionally supported by our head office in Lelystad / the Hague. At this location, we are responsible for administrative tasks, monitoring business operations and quality of education. Our employees also support our schools with human resources, marketing and communications and the financial administration.

We have a passionate team of 80 teachers (that is managed by a location leader). Our teachers foster the pupil’s development in giving feedback, supporting and monitoring success.

Mission and vison

IVIO-LanguageOne wants to enhance pupil’s knowledge and skills through innovative education.

We provide education to students in an international environment and pay attention to the development of their identity, culture and global citizenship.

LanguageOne is the largest provider of Dutch language education worldwide. We can provide in-class, online and blended learning all over the world. We use innovative learning tools and cooperate with (inter)national partners.

Our values are:

The quality of our education

The Dutch Inspectorate of Education monitors and supervises the quality of education as well as stimulates schools and institutions to improve its quality.

All LanguageOne locations are accredited for Dutch language programmes by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. Every four years, these locations are visited at least once. The Inspectorate then carries out a quality inspection.

KMM and IVIO Groep

IVIO-LanguageOne is part of the IVIO education group that belongs to the KMM group . The IVIO education group can be seen as a knowledge partner and consists of various educational organisations with expertise in education, training and testing in the Netherlands and abroad.

The KMM Groep is a fast growing and innovative company group with more than 800 employees working at one of our four divisions: IVIO, Metafoor, Karmac and Prosu. We started as a company of four. Now we have 26 companies that are part of the organisation.

The KMM Groep has received the ‘Deloitte’s Best Managed Company’ award eight times in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2019 en 2020/2021).

Dutch education abroad?

We provide Dutch Language education worldwide