Dutch in primary school


Dutch for pupils in primary school

LanguageOne can provide various teaching programmes for Dutch-speaking pupils in primary school. Our experienced teachers encourage your child to improve his Dutch language skills. We enhance motivation and fun learning by using a wide range of learning materials.

Working in groups enhances a sense of community and gives meaning to the Dutch (cultural) identity of your child.

Need help making the right choice?

More than 40 years’ experience

We are an authority in the field of mother tongue and cultural education for children who live abroad.

The right level

Improving the Dutch language is important. In particular when a child returns to the Netherlands. We ensure that your child meets the language requirements which are necessary for entry in Dutch education.

Personal guidance and expertise

From local directors to teachers, we only work with certified teachers who give your child the necessary guidance.

Online and In-Class

Our pupils always have an international connection with the Dutch language and culture. Wherever you are, LanguageOne provides in-class as well as online courses.

Dutch-speaking classmates at school

Do you already live in a city or are you moving to a location where LanguageOne is situated? If so, the choice for in-class Dutch education at one of our school locations is the most obvious.

  • 2.5 to 3 hours of teaching (after-school or integrated in the daily school curriculum)
  • Learning Dutch by working together in small groups
  • Based on the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum
  • Smooth transition to Dutch education when returning to the Netherlands or Flanders
  • Continuing learning path to secondary education and exams
  • Meets the Dutch core objectives and the Flemish educational attainment targets.
Please contact the local director for more information.

No school nearby? Flexibility needed?

You are staying abroad as an expat with the family. Unfortunately, you live far away from a LanguageOne school or your child has a busy schedule with many after-school activities.

Flexibility is of high importance to you, provided that the support is professional and adequate.

In all these cases, distance learning is the solution.

School fee

The school fee for the subject Dutch for toddlers and preschoolers depends on school location, the school year, level of education and the region where you live. More information about our school locations can be found in our general conditions.

Dutch education abroad?

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