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You are staying as an expat with your family abroad. Unfortunately, you are living far away from a LanguageOne school. Or your child has a busy schedule with after-school activities. You attach great importance to flexibility, but also expert guidance.

In all these cases, distance learning is the solution. We always try to match our teaching programme as closely as possible with the daytime education of the pupils in order to make sure that your child is not sitting behind the computer at strange (inconvenient) times.

LanguageOne provides distance learning to multilingual and bilingual pupils (aged 4 to 18) who are having a basic command of the Dutch language.

Why distance learning with LanguageOne Online?

Your partner for Dutch education

  • Due to weekly video lessons and the personal approach, distance learning still feels nearby.
  • Flexibility and expert guidance from an experienced educator.
  • Choose between two options: online private or online group lessons.
  • Guidance in obtaining an internationally recognised ‘bilingual’ IB diploma.
  • Quality in combination with and an attractive price.
  • Smooth entry into Dutch education when returning to the Netherlands and Flanders.
  • The Dutch Ministry of Education monitors the quality of our distance learning.


Are you interested in what LanguageOne can provide? Would you like to know more about online Dutch education for your child(ren)? Please contact the local director or fill in the application form!

New! Online group lessons

The best way to learn a language is with others, by working together and actively using the language. And wouldn’t it be great fun to be taught in the company of Dutch peers from all over the world? In addition to private lessons, LanguageOne Online offers online group lessons as well. This will enable your child to learn interactively, together with other pupils. What does this teaching programme involve?

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Well suited for every age and interest
Martijn – parent, Kuala Lumpur
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Our son works very hard to improve his Dutch language skills in kindergarten. His homework assignments are well suited for his age and interests. He loves singing, crafting, chatting and playing during the lesson. He is fond of his reading book from the library!
Everything went smoothly
Willemijn – parent, Perth
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We were able to join Language One during the pandemic very fast because of the online programme. The lessons of LanguageOne were available right away while many international schools were struggling with providing online lessons. Therefore, we think that our son did not miss out much and he knew directly where to start and what to do.

Dutch education abroad?

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