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    Interview with teacher Edith Lory of LanguageOne Kuala Lumpur
    09 november 2018
    This interview was published in the news letter of the Belgian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Focus on a Belgian: Edith Lory — Hello Edith, how did you end up in Malaysia? Well, 5 years ago I first experienced teaching abroad. I loved the fact that I could combine my two passions: teaching and travelling. Before moving to Malaysia, I lived in Zimbabwe and Burundi. Both were amazing experiences! After working in Belgium for a while, which was fulfilling too, I decided I wanted to go and explore life in another country again. I am young and have no children (yet), so now is the time, I thought! I started applying for schools all over the world. The school in Kuala Lumpur was my first choice, because I would be part of a team. Most Dutch schools are small and require only one teacher. In Kuala Lumpur, we are a strong team of 4-6 teachers, which means a lot more learning opportunities for me. Before moving, I didn’t know much about Malaysia. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. But now, 2 years later, I’m so happy I came and I’m grateful for all the experiences that Malaysia (and Asia) brought me so far. Looking forward to what comes next! As a teacher, what inspires you most? The children! In this setting, you meet children that are often raised bilingual or multilingual and come into contact with many different cultures. Some of them were born abroad and have never lived in Belgium or the Netherlands. Others only move abroad for a few years with their families. They are worldly and wise and I learn a lot from them! As you can imagine, the different backgrounds makes the differences between these children equally big. This a challenge but mostly a rewarding one! During the day, our students go to an international school, where they speak English or French. They are not surrounded by the Dutch language all day long and that affects them, off course. So once a week, they come for Dutch lessons and they spend time with other Dutch speakers. I admire them for their efforts and respect the fact that they try their best, even after already spending a whole day at school! It inspires me to make the lessons as fun as possible! As a teacher, it is rewarding to see these kids grow and know it will be easier for them, when/if they move back to Belgium or the Netherlands. Can you tell us something about the Dutch school “LanguageOne?” LanguageOne Kuala Lumpur offers Dutch lessons to kids with a Belgian or Dutch passport. Once a week, the students come to M’KIS, where they learn with kids of the same age. LanguageOne follows a curriculum, that is inspired by both the international and Dutch/Belgian guidelines of education. The lessons help them to develop their knowledge of the Dutch language and culture. We have limited time and a lot of content to teach, but luckily the parents understand this and help their kids with homework. We try to fit all the language related content of one school week in Belgium, into a lesson of 2.5 hours! Off course we pick out what’s most relevant and useful. We make it fun and learn from each other. 
    Graduates of 2018, congratulations!
    02 november 2018
    We congratulate 46 LanguageOne students who have passed one of the Dutch language exams. What an achievement! Students in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Muscat, Doha and Shanghai have successfully completed the Dutch language and culture classes in the 2017-2018 school year at LanguageOne. LanguageOne teachers assist Dutch-speaking children who grow up outside of the Netherlands or Flanders in preparing for the following exams: IB Dutch A Literature SSST, IB Dutch B SL / HL, CNaVT, IGCSE and ATAR*. Each diploma serves as a recognition that the student masters the Dutch language at a level that is required at a college or university in the Netherlands and Belgium. More information? Contact us via info@languageone.org *International Baccalaureate Dutch A Literature School Supported Self Taught International Baccalaureate Dutch B Standard Level/Higher Level Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
    LanguageOne signs agreement with itslearning
    28 september 2018
    LanguageOne and itslearning signed an agreement to digitize the new LanguageOne curriculum. Itslearning, an established supplier of Learning Management Systems, offers a digital learning platform in which the LanguageOne curriculum can be managed and that has excellent e-portfolio tools. Offering our Dutch-language programme in a digital environment has various benefits for students, parents, and teachers. Learning Dutch at LanguageOne is possible at any time and at any place. The platform makes it possible to keep up with the Dutch language in a contemporary way, both in class and online. It offers insight into the progress of our students and we can provide tailor-made solutions more easily. The platform will be implemented at LanguageOne Dubai first. Last week the project team gathered for the first time in Dubai for a training by itslearning. In January 2019 secondary education students in year 1-4 in Dubai will already enjoy the digital benefits. We are very much looking forward to working with itslearning.  
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