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  • Are you about to move abroad with your family or have you and your family been living outside of your home country for some time now? In that case, you will have to make important decisions about your child’s education. LanguageOne is your partner for Dutch education abroad.

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    LanguageOne Consulting

    09 december 2019

    For over 35 years, LanguageOne has been the specialist in education from an international perspective. In close cooperation with schools and educational institutions worldwide, we act as an advisor, trainer, mentor, and coach. The core of our philosophy is to guide and develop people in education. In all our endeavours, global citizenship, customization, and multilingualism are paramount. Advice • Internationalisation of the curriculum • Integrating (global) citizenship • Founding an international school • Project management • Multilingual vision on education • Development of language policies • Implementing a vision on global citizenship Trainings • The importance of the mother tongue • Multilingualism as an advantage • Translanguaging in the classroom • A holistic approach in language education • Dutch in an international classroom • The LanguageOne Programme • Internationalising education • Intercultural teaching Coaching • Finding a school in the Netherlands • Educational mobility • Finding your way in Dutch education • Consultation on multilingualism in the family • A multilingual classroom • Studying in the Netherlands for internationals Seminars • Opportunities and challenges for internationalisation of education in the Netherlands • The importance of the mother tongue in education • Finding your way in higher education in the Netherlands Want to know more? Contact LanguageOne Consulting via info@languageone.org

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