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Learning Dutch in Muscat
There is a close-knit Dutch community in Muscat. People often get together including at weekends. Time and again we see close friendships flourishing between the students as well as between the parents. About 70 students aged 3 to 17 take Dutch language classes which also look at Dutch and Flemish culture. We are proud of our close educational collaboration of over 30 years’ standing with British School of Muscat (BSM).

Preserving ones native language in Muscat
A good command of their native language contributes to your children’s development and leads to better school results. It helps children who have only recently moved to Muscat to integrate better. Moreover, Dutch education abroad facilitates your multilingual children’s eventual transfer to primary school, secondary school, college or university in the Netherlands or Flanders.

LanguageOne Muscat

Our new educational programme in Muscat
The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides the basis of our new programme. Language development and meaningful learning are what we value most. We also encourage our students to work together interactively. This is guaranteed to make learning fun – after all, your children will learn best in an enjoyable, inspiring environment! We offer your children language tasks that are linked to topical themes in the world we live in today. Working on tasks, cooperating with classmates and the knowledge acquired at day school ensure that your children develop in a language-rich, Dutch-speaking environment on a weekly basis.

This video gives you a brief overview of the new programme. For more detailed information, please download our white paper.

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Interview LanguageOne student in Muscat



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