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Learning Dutch in Singapore
Dutch Language and Culture (NTC) classes in Singapore are seeing a clear increase in the number of students. More and more families are aware of the importance of maintaining and further developing one’s native level as well as learning about Dutch and Flemish culture. We offer NTC both as after-school classes and integrated into the curriculum of the German European School Singapore (GESS). A popular annual event is our information meeting for parents about returning to the Netherlands or Flanders and transferring to primary school, secondary school, college or university there.

Native-language teaching in Singapore
At LanguageOne we put a premium on inspiring native-language teaching that matches your children’s international experience while at the same time meeting the Dutch core objectives and the Flemish end terms. Accordingly, our curriculum provides an excellent preparation for your children’s return to the Netherlands or Belgium. Working with language tasks centred around topical issues ensures your children put the language into actual practice. It is wonderful to see our students – on their own level – consult each other, debate, write and feel confident to make real use of the language.


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Our new programme in Singapore
Starting this school year we are offering a new programme that focuses on the student, language development and meaningful learning. Communication, cooperation and culture underpin the curriculum. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides the principles for this new programme, built up on the basis of international teaching methods. We motivate your children to cooperate and to seek out interaction with classmates. They are guaranteed to have fun as they learn!

The following video briefly shows what the new programme is about. If you would like to know more about this new method, simply download our white paper.

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